To enroll in the Graduate Program Master of Laws UMY,


and REGISTRATION FORM MANUALLY, please submitted Manual Registration Form to MIH Office’s (2nd Floor Postgraduate Building of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta)

Documents required:

  1. A copy of BA/MA degree that legalised
  2. A copy of the transcript of BA/MA that legalised
  3. Recent Photo, Size 3 × 4 cm (color), 4 Pieces
  4. Recent Photo, Size 2 × 3 cm (color), 3 Pieces
  5. Letter of permission from the agencies (for workers)
  6. The reference of guarantee payments study (Download)
  7. Bill of payment of the registration


Registration Limit

  • April – August, lecturing will begin in September (Gasal)
  • October – February, lecturing will begin in March (Genap)


Period of Studies

Master’s Degree: 2 years (minimum) and 4 years (maximum)


Registration Fee

Registration fees IDR 250.000,-


Registration Flow

  1. Fill out the Online Form at Here
  2. Complete data on that page which consists of registration and educational history BA or
  3. After finished, you will get a REGISTRATION NUMBER and PASSWORD.
  4. Please log in to using your REGISTRATION NUMBER and PASSWORD.
  5. Click the Tab Menu “Cetak Form Pengantar Pembayaran” and print the form.
  6. Please go to ground floor AR Fachrudin B building of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta and pay amount of money provided in the Form to one of the Banks that are available.
  7. Next login to using your REGISTRATION NUMBER and PASSWORD.
  8. Click the Menu Tab “Jadwal Test” to select the day that you able to doing the test.
  9. Next click on the Tab Menu “Print Test Card” to print a test card.
  10. In the schedule the exam listed on the card, please come to ground floor of AR. Fachrudin A building of Muhammadiyah University of yogyakarta to do the test.
  11. The results of the test will be sent to your email or can be directly asked to MIH Office, 2 days after performing the test.
  12. If you are accepted, please enter your data in the following link in Here



Further information can call (0274) 387656 ext. 346 or

directly to the MIH Office at 2nd Floor of Postgraduate Building of Muhammadiyah Univesity of Yogyakarta.


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