Learning Process

The learning method for Master of Law UMY Curriculum uses several models that are used in accordance with the subjects taught. Learning method used is:

  1. Small Group Discussion; Conducting discussions on various subjects with the aim to know the understanding, analysis and ability of students to synthesize the topics of discussion.
  2. Role play & Simulation; Implementation of role play and simulation on learning at Master of Law UMY, conducted on subjects that require psychomotor achievement and attitude on the students. The purpose of role play and simulation is to apply the theory that students have acquired into the form of motor activities.
  3. Case Study; Requires a broad understanding for students, then there are some courses that target students make case study that comes from real cases in societ.
  4. Learning (DL); Giving cases to students so that students can find answers and solutions by exploring from various learning sources.
  5. Cooperative Learning (CL); This learning method is focused on the utilization of available information, whether given by the lecturer by loading the case, then the student responds to the case, or the lecturer gives the lecture and the students give the response or question about the lecture, which will be searched by the students.
  6. Contextual Instruction (CI); The concept of learning that helps lecturers connect the core courses with real situations in everyday life and motivate students to make connections between knowledge and application in everyday life