Capital investment have an important role to increase economic development on region. The capital investment target can’t be separated from terrain needs and adjustment of spatial use.the steps and strategic plan to attract investors to give their invest in Indonesia, especially in Bali and D.I. Yogyakarta have pro and contra of government outlook to scure bussines climate to investment. Terrains factors is the one of obstaclesin that case. Land is not only agrarian problem that identic with agriculture. But land have a wise coverage there are: economic aspect, socio-culture aspect, land aspect, security and law aspect.

The interest of increasing of capital investment in Bali can be avoid from economic attract, socio-culture and law that not syinchronization, even it have contradict between others.

The general plan allotment of land must considered by objectiveness of land condition and environmental condition. Therefore, the general plan that designated of land in central government and local government should be equal.