Organizational Structure

Master of Law Studiy Program runs a conducive organization established by regulations regulating the code of conduct for employees (lecturers and employees) and students and built an organizational culture that form the character of UMY academic community. The organizational culture of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta includes:

  1. Trust and Responsibility
  2. Togetherness
  3. Honesty
  4. Discipline
  5. Justice
  6. Sincere
  7. Introspective
  8. Concern
  9. Professionality

The organizational structure of UMY Law Master Study Program is arranged based on the Decree of UMY Rector No: 07/A/SK-PPS.UMY/III/2014 on Organizational Structure of Master Program of Legal Science of UMY and based on the Decree of UMY Graduate Director No . 016 / SK.PPs-JD / I / 2013 on Job Description Directorate of Postgraduate Program University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta implemented in Master Program of Law Science as follows:

Head of Study Program has the duty to coordinate and provide instruction, direct and supervise in carrying out all areas of activity both internal and external. In addition, the head of the task of making academic planning related to human resource development, strategic marketing planning in the search for students and build the image of the study program by building networks with internal and external institutions and preparing graduates excellence through a competency-based curriculum by emphasizing aspects innovation based on Islamic values ​​and universal .

Secretary of the study program is in charge of supporting and coordinating with the head of study program in conducting guidance and supervision on the implementation of all administrative and financial administration, academic administration, and student affairs including lecturing activities, and fostering cooperation with various government and private institutions

Coordinator of the academic field in charge of curriculum field, the implementation of the learning system, the execution of the thesis exam and monitoring the implementation of the lecture

Coordinator of Quality Division (Quality Control Unit) is responsible for handling the implementation of quality assurance and monitoring of its evaluation and the field of accreditation

Coordinator field of cooperation, student affair and alumni in charge of opening cooperation with other parties for learning activities, responsible in the implementation and supervision of students and tracer alumni

Staff of the Study / Teaching Program has the scope of work that is to assist with the management of the study program