Vision and Mission

October 31, 2016 by : superadmin-mi

Vision Of The Master’s Degree Of Laws:

Becoming the Masters Program in legal science who Excelled in Economics and business law of the Sharia and the law of natural resources and development in ASEAN Levels by 2025 based on Islamic values.

Mission Of The Master Of Laws UMY:

Have  a superior Law master’s degree in intellectual and moral, unfit to practise their knowledge in uphold truth, justice, and honesty in accordance with Islamic values by organized education, research and public service of Islamic Economics and Business Law of Sharia as well as Legal and natural resource development. The details as follows:

  1. Carry out education and development of science master of Laws, supported by the competent education expert, and have experiences in Islamic Economics and Business Law as well as natural resources and the development with the materials of the curruculum to suit your needs.
  2. Carry out research and development of legal science in Islamic Economics and Business Law as well as natural resources and the development with methods and concepts and edge theory to answer the needs of the world of theoretical law practitioners with the nationla and global insight.
  3. Give a devotion by performing activities of development of theory and practice of legal concepts Law of Islamic Economics and business, as well as natural resources and development in a professional manner.
  4. Creat graduates who have the noble characters and were able to dedicate their knowledge to bring benefits for people.


The Purpose Of Master Of Laws UMY:

Based on the vision and the mission of the above courses, the purposes of the program:

  1. prepare the learners have the ability to solve problems in the area of the law through research and development activities based on the scientific rules.
  2. prepare learners to have professional capabilities in implementing, developing, disseminating and enforcing legal science and maintains its use to improve people’s lives.
  3. Prepare learners to become members of the community who have academic ability in implementing, developing and disseminating legal science.
  4. Create a qualified and experienced education in their fields, so they will be able to organise teaching and learning process with national and international standards.
  5. Internalize the values of islam in the process of academic and non-academic activities.
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